Upcoming Shows

Hello! And welcome to this assortment of links to the tour for Shak Attack – my first-ever stand-up special. It’s been in the works for a while and I’m super excited to show it to you. If you’ve liked my work so far, whether at AIB or otherwise, I feel like you’ll have fun. Find your city in the list below and come say hi? See you there!

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Same material as MojoMaximus/Scratchpad shows. Those were all trials for Shak Attack. Yes, this stuff takes time 🙂 ]

13th July – Hyderabad

20th July – Ahmedabad

21st July – Vadodara

27th July – Delhi

28th July – Gurgaon

10th August – Goa

17th August – Chennai

24th August – Bangalore

31st August, 6 p.m: Pune (Baner)

31st August, 9 p.m: Pune (KP)

And then we wrap it up with a finale that will be recorded and brought to an OTT platform near you. Hmmm, I wonder which one it could be. Details coming soon!