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In 2006, Ashish Shakya discarded his freshly-minted engineering degree and became a full-time comedy writer – a favour for which the science community is still grateful. Stand-up followed soon after because the instant approval of strangers was amazing and also pants are optional.

As a member of AIB, India’s most well-known comedy collective, Ashish has been part of ambitious projects such as AIB Knockout – India’s first ever comedy roast featuring Bollywood A-listers like Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. He’s also co-helmed two seasons of On Air With AIB, an acclaimed news comedy show telecast on primetime TV and Hotstar. His weekly humour column in The Hindustan Times also earned a devoted following during its six-year-run. As a stand-up comic with hundreds of shows under his belt, he has brought the house down in venues across India, Singapore, Dubai, Australia and the UK, and is forever seeking his next big creative thrill.


For brand work: rupika@oml.in

For live shows: ajay.samson@oml.in

97 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dude, you write really well man.. Every article is a work of art.. You are one day going to be a household name like Vir Sanghvi, Bachi Kakaria etc.
    I am going to enjoy following your career!!

  2. Your quick wit and humor at the stupid realities of society, make your column a good read.

    Keep up the good work, look forward to reading more quirky write-ups from you!

  3. i dont think ur column is published in ht delhi edition. i hope it can be. lot of people missing the fun of reading ur articles

  4. i find your blog extremely entertaining… its helping me pull through my engineering exams. Please write more often and i shall pay for the beer 😛

  5. I made my twitter accnt. And strted following u just randomly but now i m ur fig fan. Ur gonna be household name soon. Tc and keep us entertain like this.

  6. i just love your blog. i first saw your blog for the love thy neighbors post and immediately made a bookmark.. it’s a really fun reading.. keep it up..hope to see more.

  7. duuuuude!!!!! u slay me!! seriously! i just followed a random link sahil rizwan (whose comic genius is second only to that of cyrus broacha, russel peters and rahul mahajan…m definitely adding u to that list) tweeted,,, n let me tell u, i just had a “stupidus maximus madness marathon” reading ALL of your blogs!!! which, btw, makes me feel extremely guilty coz being a med student, m not supposed to have such “vela” time or for that matter, life.. but whatever!! it’s worth having my mother give me suspicious looks coz i m having fits of laughter wen m supposed to be working on a project on my lappy…. cheers to u!!
    p.s:- shoe-shopping WILL be a major world religion… soon, very soon…

  8. Had the craziest time going through your stuff! One of those reading-and-munching-and-reading-and-munching frenzies that get out of control, especially before exams. (Not that the reading has anything to do with the actual exam– and I do have a gigantic one coming up!)
    Stayed up late (but of course) and emailed your website to everybody on my address-book, catching up with random people, some after a decade!
    Brilliant stuff!

  9. I swear if I wasn’t signed into wordpress and wasnt lazy, i’d have asked you out anonymously. I love your posts so much I toned my stomach muscles laughing. Thank you for cheering me up after the dejection of Arsenal getting bum-raped tonight!!!

  10. maaaaan your articles are real good …..please keep writing forever.. would’ve been so good if you ht articles could come every sunday..

  11. I hate your writing. people in my office give me weird, threatening, and ‘shut the hell up’ looks because i m having random uncontrollable fits of laughter, reading every single sentence of your article, when I am suppose to work!
    dude what are you?? whatever! totally agree with your wild imagination!! 😀
    – suppa crazy fan of you :D!!

  12. Awesome work Ashish, you rock! Along with Indrajit Hazra, you make the Sunday HT immensely readable. Thanks and keep going!

  13. hey, your writing is very very fun. Reminds me of a combination of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Being the guy who writes The Week That Wasn’t I’m guessing you know them. If not, please get to know them. They’re awesome. Anyway, the show’s good but I cant help but get the feeling that you guys are censored somehow. That’s not the right word. More like you’re not being as ridiculous/funny/evil/smart as you could/want to be. Maybe it’s just the baby steps thing. But your writing is as close to Colbert/Stewart-ish stuff as I have seen in India. Anyway, you need better laughter producing machine thingies on the show. i think the ones you have now sort of kill the fun. And I’m really sorry if this is one of those things that just post automatically without going through you. If I sound mean in any way, I don’t mean to.

  14. You are AWSOME!! I havent laughed so much! Sorry to have discovered you so late (just 2 days back) and am reading all ur posts so far on this link…ROTFLMAO literally!!

    Carry on Shakya!!!

  15. because i’m not in the habit of adding people I don’t know, a message that precedes the friendship request.
    someone I know not by promiscuous means shared your blog link. as is usually the case on Sunday mornings at 12:22, my head was thirsting for something funny.
    your “never having to wear pants” post was that and more.
    great style. great humour. great reading you.
    the world is small, [as seen from Jupiter] and so we’ll probably meet sometime in our blessed careers.
    so here’s a Hi, so when we meet there’s no awkward silence.

  16. I have a question for you. Why do people write email addresses like this: abcd(at)gmail(dot)com? Isn’t it needlessly complicated? Or is that the point?

    How is the weather?

  17. Hey ashish,

    I have a couple of restaurants in delhi and now we are promoting with comedy nights, let me know if you wanna talk about it.

  18. Ashish,
    Your article on Aamir on Sunday 13.5.12- Satyameva Jayate was best.
    You surpassed yourself.

  19. Whenever I want a humorous, sarcastic and well-written articles they have to be your articles.
    Keep up the humor !

  20. Man… U r just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 .
    i just read ur first article and cant wait to read more n more…..
    Love the way you create humor in all real trivial facts of life…

    Keep it up 🙂

  21. Would like to invite you for TEDxLingayaUniversity, event happening in OCTOBER,2012….. Please reply!

    Varun Khurana
    Curator, TEDxLingayaUniversity

  22. Brilliant!
    I am trying to establish a similar writing style (pun totally intended, satirical) and would value your thoughts on my writing. Probably a lot to ask but do have a look when you get a moment! (And perhaps give me some inputs on how to make my material get more eyeballs…)



  23. Okay, so I read your article in HT. Jhampak Jhapak, one! Oh and the one before that. and the one before that. And I follow your site. Your funny and cool. And I think I saw you the other day at work. Lol.

  24. Hi, just went through some of the comments posted above, post reading most of ur stuff (Yes ones dating back to 2010 also) and i know am not going to say anything new in ur praise( 😦 I wanted to sing some original songs of praise)!
    BUT i am hooked!Man,you are crazy funny, i could die laughing here, sitting on my desk in the middle of a wed afternoon at work!

  25. I totally enjoy your column. Thanks for all the laughs.

    If ever you are visiting Goa let me know. It would be my pleasure to
    take you out drinking. Beer or Feni or whatever. My treat.



  26. i gotta agree with you about the generic indian movie storylines. And the resentment comes from polo sports as well as most anyone willing to fork over their livelihood to be a walking advertisement. what’s your favorite hindi romance film that’s not oozing with cheese? do they/does one exist?

  27. I am sending you a virtual kiss for your brain & those amazing fingers that think & write so well. I truly can’t remember if there is any other time I laugh the way I do whilst I am reading your thoughts. You sirjee are truly the amazings. Yaar aap ho hi nahin iss duniya ke. Love reading your blogs. Keep it up. Thank you for making us think, thank you for making us smile 🙂 big kiss xxx

  28. My friend sent me your link today cause we have been obssessing about YJHD. Mostly because of Ranbir Kapoor! Which is weird since we are all pushing 30-makes one feel like a cradle snatcher!
    But wanted to tell you that your blog had made my day; essentially since I am trying to foget the dull pain in my jaw. Just had a painful tooth extraction you see. So thanks for being funny and hitting the nail bang on.

    Oh and try being a 29 year old unmarried female in India! People have started looking at me with sympathy as if I am suffering from some she-is-bound-to-die-and-oh-don’t-touch-her-you-might-get-infected-too disease.

  29. A person who is almost as without work as I am sent me a link to your blog and insisted I read it. I did not have the heart to tell her I already was a fan.
    Since I intend reading as many of your posts as possible, and promote them till I froth from my mouth, I thought I should come and dump atleast a part of all that gushing on to your page.
    So here, fan comment.

  30. Your tongue in cheek comments and quick witted references are amazing.Every article offers something new.
    Cheers!!!!Keep writing.

  31. I enjoy your work. Till the day people try pathetically to be funny in their comments here, you will remain funnier than your audience. Hence, valid.

  32. Hi Ashish

    Visited your blog after some time and ended up compulsively reading more than 10 posts

    Don’t remember having laughed out so loud reading something before. What I found most epic thus far:
    …when Pt. Nehru took a deep breath, and uttered the now-historic words, “Boss, Dadar kis side aayega?”

    Keep typing!

  33. I’d date you in a heartbeat. My parents would approve 😀
    No seriously, you’re so awesome, I steal your jokes, just like the people who live in Atta market steal the aluminium sheeting from around the pedestrian overbridges because they’re awesome.

  34. Dhoom 3’s review was your first article I read .. then Jhakaas Bauer.. then Krrish 3 [I am a diehard Hrithik fan and I love Aamir, too but damn were the reviews too awesome :p ] .. and today, I even read the one about AAP [yeah, big deal for us movie buffs for whom newspaper usually means Bombay Times] .. kudos, keep it up, man

  35. Hey! I started reading your articles recently, and couldn’t rest until I finished reading everything that you have posted on stupidusmaximus! I am completely head-over-heels in love with your writing and sense of humour! Eagerly awaiting more of your work… 🙂

  36. man u r just too too good!! ur sense of sarcasm surpasses all known sarcastic qualities of the age! i kind of go on reading reading reading ..n laughing…n marvelling at ur enthralling writing tactics!! u r simply unbelievable! 🙂 \m/

  37. love your writing!My family fight to be the first to read your weekly column on HT
    Love your humour, your witty sarcasm, and your views on everything is so funny.Thankyou for the laughs they are priceless

  38. I absolutely love your blog.
    I should totally be studying for my entrances but a combination of annoyance and anger and frustration led me to your blog by sheer serendipity.
    And boy do I love serendipity right now.

    I LOVE your posts and your perspectives on national\international issues. .
    (“A man’s gotra do what a man’s gotra do” had me gasping for five WHOLE minutes,I kid you not)

    Thank you so much.
    You kinda made my day.


    Ok brother seriously…. I started reading from the friends article and did not stop till your first article in 2007. I do not want to die knowing that I somehow jinxed it. It’s been 15 days and I am already wetting my pants in fear. Please confirm that you’ll continue writing inspite of your AIB commitments OR ELS U WL HV TO PEY FR D CONSEQUENCES (WOT U THNK I CNT SPLL BG WRDS???)

  40. Ashish, you are good onstage and all that but man, writing is your forte. What is it since ‘FRIENDS’ post?
    Your blog and a few more stuff keeps my faith in humanity and in survival of sanity in India…..had started to believe Ekta Kapoor will finish whatever was left after Lord Macaulay, i.e. Intellectual capital of the sub-continent.

  41. It always gives me a moral excuse when i see people like you around, doing nothing except biting people’s asses and making them laugh as hell. To be honest, I am a wannabe comedian and try to write satire to make people laugh. I have never got any honest review on what I write. I know you’re a lazy ass far from being busy so when you feel like doing something, reach out to my blog and tell me how’s it. Here’s the link https://grumpysingh.wordpress.com/

  42. I think you are superbly creative! Nice roasting and getting roasted as well in the latest show. Ahh man. You’re the best. 🙂

  43. Looks like the AIB Roast is getting some flak. But don’t worry. No one can make you go back in time and not do it. He he. Its amusing that people took off time, watched it for free and then got offended by it.

    I am going to now spend some time, search for political speeches, if I don’t find them, search for them using my contacts, lose my job over it and then watch it. And in then end, I am going to be very very offended by it. Would someone call me stupid for doing that? Would you? Or would you ask me to get a life? Just a question. Not saying anything. 🙂

  44. Ashish, my friend….superb!! I logged on feeling grim due to xyzzzzzzeeee thingies happening around…..and thank God i opened ashishshakya[DOT]com 😛 and i have been either laughing my ass offf or smiling throughout…..great going dude…love all that you write or say or do or even not write or not say or not do…well….i think ur crazy funny shit has made me crazy too!!! hahaha…. ok seriously…great stuff!!

  45. Dude! You are awesome.. Literally!! I mean.. Ur show is best on Indian tv.. Seriously was fed up with that saas bahu drama
    Thank you so much guys.. 😍 😘

  46. Dude!! You are awesome.. Literally!! I mean.. Ur show is best on Indian tv.. Seriously fed up with that saas bahu drama Thank you so much guys.. Ur an inspiration.

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