We’ll Be Right Back After These Messages

If you’re here, you’re either a regular reader wondering why this space hasn’t been updated in two weeks, or a casual visitor who drops by whenever some noble soul shares a link on his timeline. You might also be one of those accidental visitors who get here by googling wonderful search terms like – and I wish I were making this up – ‘sunyleone ‘s pelvice’. You, Sir, are a hero.

As of today, this column is going on a break for a few months. As much fun as it is to sit here every week and bang my face against a keyboard until something semi-coherent emerges, I’ve realised that some time off is necessary, for the sake of the content. I’ve been writing this for almost six years straight now, so it would do well to step away from the fatigue for a bit.

So thank you guys for reading, lurking, commenting, trolling, sharing and providing me with tons of validation over the years. It’s been pretty overwhelming and I cannot complain.

I wish I could tell you that I’m taking the time off to go off on a rich-person sabbatical where I’ll learn the meaning of life while scuba-diving with Katrina Kaif in Spain. I wish. But I’m going to be around in Bombay, working on some exciting AIB projects that you’ll be hearing more about soon. If you liked the content here, and if you like the work we’ve done so far, chances are that you’re going to like the new stuff as well. Except maybe you, Pelvice Guy. You should probably move on to another site.


61 thoughts on “We’ll Be Right Back After These Messages

  1. What is AIB?How do i read your witty posts!I have been reading your posts since 2008.You are letting your fans down Ashish!I started my blog because i was inspired by you:(

  2. Seriously??? I’m going to miss reading your column. Get back soon. On the other hand, more AIB videos will surely be fun to watch. Good luck.

  3. Been reading this for years now and look forward to your hilarious, tongue in cheek pieces in my rather bland inbox amongst way too many flipkart mailers saying they’re having THE SALE OF THE CENTURY Upto 90 % off!

    Anyway I’m writing this to tell you that the it’s been great to have you in my inbox and Sent from my iPhone. Excuse the brevity and any typos.


  4. Pressed send before finishing oops – so here’s what I was going to say > > Been reading this for years now and have always looked forward to your hilarious, tongue in cheek pieces in my rather bland inbox amongst way too many flipkart mailers saying they’re having THE SALE OF THE CENTURY Upto 90 % off! (You know what I’m talking about) > > Anyway I’m writing this to tell you that the it’s been great to have your pieces in my inbox and you will be missed. Looking forward to what you guys do next but more to when you return with your column Good luck,

    Devika >

    > Sent from my iPhone. Excuse the brevity and any typos. > >>

  5. Nooooooo… You cant do this to me shakya!!…. *slow breathing*… I’ll be waiting for you… *deep stare*

    Your column will be missed bro 😂

  6. Sad to see you taking a sabbatical. Your blogs were amazing and I wish u would come ASAP. As for your things you are planning to do with AIB best of luck and looking forward to seeing them. Cheers and all the very best 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. I’ve been a fan of yours since you compared religion to following Batman/Superman. Sundays will be duller without your hilarious outlook towards everything.
    I still want to know what conditioner you use, btdubs.😜

  8. Got CA final exams two months from now(dont judge…its too less..trust me) now that your addictive pieces are not going to be around..it’ll be easier to focus :P😋 hope you come back to writing soon..

  9. If you’re planning a trip to Goa give me a call and I will take you drinking. My treat in exchange for all the laughs you gave me through your superb column.

  10. I think you are very funny but off late your articles were getting repeatative. why don’t you write script for a genuine comic Indian flick. something original like padosan , Bombay to goa or Jane bhi do yaro.

  11. DAMMIT! Your blog has helped me through many a “i-don’t-want-to-work-but-i-need-to-look-busy” days at office. All the best and be back soon.

  12. Hi, All the best on your new project. Will miss your posts and the dose of humour 🙂

    Cheers Ramya (Not just a casual visitor but a silent follower of your blog)

  13. Noo. Don’t stop writing. Please. Yours is the only blog one can look forward to every week. Brilliant writing. Got my entire family hooked on. Hope you can get back to writing really soon!! All the best on the AIB Ventures.

  14. Now bhat will we do…how will will stay updated with the latest socioeconomicpolitical nonsense ….it’s you and Cyrus’s the week that wasn’t that keeps us sane during these insane we-will-not-change-and-blame-it-on-indian-culture-and-system times

  15. Come back soon I’ll miss your semi-coherent content. This is one blog that makes up my monday morning tea for the dreaded week ahead.

  16. Yes, I noticed you didn’t update last week! you do have dedicated fans on this column here!! I find your content on this column here better than in AIB videos frankly, but sure, I hope to see more of your style in AIB! Bring it on, I’m starved of good content of late

  17. Nooooo! Lunch breaks at work in front of the computer are not going to taste the same now 😦 Your work at AIB will no doubt rock but your written word was something else and will be sorely missed. Besides, how am I going to watch those videos at work during lunch time without awkwardly looking back over my shoulder and switching tabs self-consciously every time someone walks by? Anyway, here’s wishing you the very best! 🙂 Come back here soon, won’t you?

  18. Whatte?!! Just when I introduced (ok, back-slammed) a couple of friends to start reading Stupidus Maximus!!
    Oh well, six years is a long time, and am sure you folks at AIB will do an amazing job (as always), so its back to chuckling through 6 years’ worth posts (been there, done that)
    All the best!

  19. Really gonna miss reading your blog man.. hv been hooked for a good 2 yrs now and cant believe I’m not gonna have anything to look forward to every week.. infact sometimes I even intentionally avoided reading a new post for a couple of days.. as I knw that if I read it .. I’d run out of funny stuff to read for the rest of the week.. TBH.. I agree with some people here that these posts are better than AIB vids .. For one, you don’t have to worry about offending people here (still cant believe I missed watching the roast video before it was taken off!!!) .. the ones that get offended I guess aren’t educated enough to read blogs.. .. but that’s my opinion.. so… jaa simran.. jee le apni zindagi … but Europe ghoom kar wapas aa jana pls…

  20. areyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar… got damn hell! Just when I started these blogs things. Not a good start man 😥
    AIB is great fun but I was looking forward to some good reads here.
    Anyways, all the best

  21. I don’t see why you have to be so prejudiced against the sunyleone ‘s pelvice searchers. We’re people too! 😉

  22. So, Apparently m nt jst late, m 2 yrs late, writing on a dead blog post i guess…

    Well i came here searching for humor content, (DON’T KNOW WHY)
    and if the message evr gets out to ashish sir,
    please make a new website for urelf, this is still the one of the first few things that come up whn u type ‘ashish shakya’ on google,

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