Did They Just Say What I Think They Said?

(Note: This is my Hindustan Times column dated 12th July 2015.)

I don’t mean to exaggerate but this was one of the greatest weeks in the history of India, second only to the time we invented gulab jamuns. Let it be known that in the seventh month half-way through the second decade of the second millenium, the Chief Justice of India said that a blanket ban on porn sites would be a violation of a citizen’s fundamental right to liberty. This was in response to a plea that wants the government to block all porn websites in India, probably by turning off the big switch marked ‘Internet’.

The petitioner’s contention is that watching porn leads to an increase in sex crimes so it should be banned, which would make sense if the theory were – how do we say this – true. I could be wrong though. I mean porn is banned in Pakistan and as a result, things are so much better for women there.

This wasn’t a ruling, but nevertheless, the statement was seen as a happy glitch in the matrix. It’s because we live in a world where our priorities tend to be all over the place. For example, this is how our politicians react to consensual adult pornography:


And this is how they react to actual incidents of sexual violence:

“Blame chowmein because short skirts and jeans and mobile phones and boys are like this only what to do her star was in the wrong quadrant VOTE FOR ME.”

To be clear, the pronouncement was not a celebration of the pizza delivery guy/plumber/agent documentaries that people hold so dear, but of the freedom to privately consume the most offensive, vapid content out there, be it smut or Comedy Nights With Lowest Common Denominator. It’s heartening to know that as of now, you can legally enjoy this freedom every day, or several times a day if your exams are going on.

If there are any minors reading this, I’d like you to know that this column in no way endorses the consumption of content not meant for your age group. Remember, the cops will come banging down your door and worse, your parents will know. They always know. Even if you’re in your room googling ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ for fun, they’re just going to assume something’s up. So please continue watching Shin Chan or Superwoman or whatever it is that you guys watch until you’re of age, by which time the government may just have banned porn, thereby keeping you safe from the dreaded phenomenon called ‘buffering’.

It’s strange to see Indians be hypocritical about matters like these, especially when the data suggests otherwise. A 2014 survey released by the Pornhub, the world’s largest adult site, reveals that India ranks fifth in terms of total visitors to the site. Sunny Leone is the most searched for star, thereby reaffirming our total lack of imagination.

The site’s Android traffic from India ranks third, only behind the US and the UK. I’m sure there are a ton of iOS users who intend to log on but they’re done after like ten seconds of looking at their iPhone. The report says that 25% of Indian visitors are women, which is obviously a lie supplied by the ISI to discredit our angels. Everyone knows that an Indian woman does not seek pleasure – she receives it telepathically whenever her husband is happy.

There were other results about the kind of content people watched, but the most popular fantasy for Indians is to live in a society that doesn’t believe in bans. Until that happens though, we’re just going to have to make do with the next best thing: buffering.

18 thoughts on “Did They Just Say What I Think They Said?

  1. I can totally see you making way harsher jokes about iOS users but having to tone it down fearing the backlash. Cant blame you though haha

  2. Phenomenally vacuous article. You kind of sit here displaying your helplessness at the mercy of the ‘powers that be’ instead of genuinely engaging with our democracy (it’s hard I know, you have to actually start applying that thing called a brain. Simpler just to mock from a distance).

    The judges called out an article of our Constitution that would be violated – this thing called the Constitution is what defines us as a nation. It’s not just the civics homework you had to copy from your nerd friend.

    If we are a shitty nation today – it is by design – and the constitution is what documents that design.

    If you were actually concerned about your daily bread – you know that of being a stand-up comic, you would actually sit here and explain to people how Article 19(1) of the constitution prevents you from plying your trade, along with section 498 (a) and section 499 of the Indian Penal Code.

    You neither want to question who put these in, why they are still there, nor why they should be removed. As a stand-up comic, you have the power of your voice and brain to reach out to an audience.

    You could do so – it might make it easier for you ply your trade.

    Or you could just capitulate and say sorry to Christians like AIB.

    The choice, and the country you live in right now, is yours. Pleading helplessness is a crock of shit.

  3. Brilliant writing! Loved it. It seems that they’re going to ban everything against sanskaar and sanskriti soon so better enjoy while it lasts.

  4. oh man! u nailed it. I am reading this in d middle of my lecture nd i jst cnt hold my laugh nymore. Oh i m spotted..gotta go nice work though

  5. Sometimes, when you fear the worst when it comes to the country going down a regressive path, such sane statements as those made by the Chief Justice of India give you a good dose of hope 🙂 And they taste even better with your funny blog posts!

  6. ur write ups r so hilariously hilarious….. the best part was Pakistan baned porn and things r much better there 😀 died laughing.. no sorry.. I didn’t die…. :p

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