We Are The Youth of The Nation. Like, Totally.

So ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ made a 100+ crores this week, of which 98.3 came from Ranbir fans who have heartgasms every time he does something awesome, such as appear on screen. The rest came from the coffers of The Gentleman’s Society For Appreciation of Slow-Mo Champagne Spray On Deepika.

YJHD is the story of Kabir aka Bunny, who sets out to forge his own path, makes mistakes and discovers true love in the end. This is different from Ranbir in Wake Up Sid, where he sets out to forge his own path, makes mistakes and discovers true love in the end, and of course, that was nothing like Rockstar, where he sets out to forge his own path and then puts Nargis Fakhri in a coma by having sex with her. (Although with her range of expressions, it’s hard to tell exactly when she went comatose.)

This isn’t to say that YJHD is a terrible film. It’s not. It’s basic “dal-chawal”, except it’s being described in the way five-star hotels do it, i.e. “Steamed fine long grain white rice hand-picked in the emerald green lap of the Vindhyas, accompanied by a golden lentil soup that was gently simmered over the smouldering kisses of angels.”

It says a lot when, in a youth film, the only character that makes a mark is the father (played endearingly by Farooque Shaikh.) I just wanted to reach out and give the poor man a hug. The last time I felt so bad for Farooque Shaikh was when David Dhawan dropped a giant, steaming Pile No.1 on Chashme Buddoor.

There are currently two major entities that try and define the youth of India. One is Chetan Bhagat, whose characters exist in easily marketable groups and talk in the most badly grammar you will finding anywhere Orkut roxxx. The second is Bollywood, which, on occasion, does a great job, and on another occasion, tried to convince us that Shahrukh was a college student by dressing him up in a blue-green Polo Sport condom.

One film that worked for my generation was Dil Chahta Hai, which was slick and funny enough for us to ignore the fact that Aamir Khan had been celebrating the end of college since QSQT in 1988. Then there was Lakshya, where Hrithik Roshan did a fine job of portraying angst, especially when his jiggly facial muscles kicked in. Seriously, just look at any Hrithik film. At some point during intense emotional scenes, a continuous wave of ripples starts dancing across his face, as if he just swallowed a vibrator.

There are some tropes that Bollywood loves to use. For example, the modern-yet-sufficiently-pious-for-family-crowd heroine, who loves going to the temple. Deepika is super religious for the first half of YJHD, only to have that trait disappear in the second half, probably because she realised that she was a hottie and did not want to be godblocked by religion. Kajol sang bhajans to impress Amrish Puri in DDLJ, which was weird:

Kajol: Dad, I want to travel around Europe with my girlfriends.

Dad: That’s crazy. Now go spend the rest of your life with some gaonwala that you’ve never met.

Kajol: <insert bhajan>

Dad: Aww. Mogambo melt hua. Okay, go. Just don’t sleep with strangers. That’s what arranged marriages are for.

Then there’s the concept of eternal, undying love, which young characters in Bollywood seem to possess in copious amounts. We fell for it as kids, but it doesn’t hold up now. Again, take DDLJ – one of the most romantic films ever, about an aimless rich kid who falls for Ms. Goody Two Chappals even though he barely knows her, chases her across continents, befriends her family and finally, some blood and punches later, asks for her hand. This is also the story of Darr.

And hey, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fans, if you stay hung up on your college friend for ten years, then you should just marry your basketball. Even during YJHD, when the rest of the theatre was ooh-ing and aah-ing over Ranbir’s decision to put the brakes on his dream to marry Deepika, people like me were thinking, “OK, so they’re happy now, but soon enough, he’ll start resenting her. He’ll feel stifled, they’ll grow distant, one or both of them will have affairs and then end up battling each other over curtains and shared lip gloss.”

Then again, people like me aren’t really the target audience for such films. YJHD will end up being DCH-meets-DDLJ for a lot of people, which is natural. Meanwhile, we’ll be judging silently in the corner. It’s easy to spot us. We’re the ones in Polo Sport.

(Note: This is my HT humour column dated 9th June 2013.)


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  1. Sweet Lord..

    Somebody tell Nargis Fakhri – Apply Ice on burnt area.

    Mogambo melt hua.. LMAO!!

    Too good, man. Just too Good!!

  2. Awesome man!! Laughed 9 1/2 times while reading it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Pooja Sachdev

    nice!!!! really funny!!

  4. Awesome just awesome. Loved the part where you showed how creative and different Ranbir has been in his picks.

    Great read. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The daal chawal description had me laughing crazy! Too good. As usual.

  6. Hahahahaha! Your articles are always so entertaining! This one “roxxxxx”.

  7. Oh dear god! Where do u come up with such hilarious expressions?

  8. oh, you cynics you ๐Ÿ™‚ Dal Chawal can be delicious sometimes, you know ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially with all the Anurag Kashyaps around trying to tell me that eating snails is what gastronomy is all about.

  9. You just ripped my mind, and penned out exact emotions and frustrations fomenting for years. I hate this industry and good to see that I’m not alone.

  10. You had me at daal chawal man ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. “Okay, go. Just donโ€™t sleep with strangers. Thatโ€™s what arranged marriages are for” – Had me in splits! Hilarious post.

  12. Too good man! Nargis Fakri BURN! bwahahaha
    But overall, very well written, still can’t stop laughing and thinking about everything written here. Very intriguing.

  13. โ€œOkay, go. Just donโ€™t sleep with strangers. Thatโ€™s what arranged marriages are forโ€

  14. Where do you come up with this stuff. Im confused between giving you a hi5 or do a face palm..or why don’t you give me a hi5 on my face….
    All i want to say is, please let me have the same stuff you are on….
    Mind=Blown. Please keep throwing your stuff at it… helps get through the monotonous melancholy…

  15. the dal chaawal analogy…. brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. alisha talwar

    Awesome analysis!

  17. Hilarious dude! Nicely put!

  18. ‘Godblocked’….nice

  19. Spoke my mind. And who wears a cute dress on a train in India or in biting cold weather in Manali? Phttb
    And oh, ‘Ms Goody Two Chappals’, Hahaha good one!

  20. โค – so refreshingly funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. that was really bad review…but dude you will get lots of attention, bcoz you know by criticizing YJHD will give you some good hit…best of luck…i have sympathy with you…


  22. shared lip gloss.. really.. lol..

  23. Haha, just swallowed a vibrator!

    Laughed my ass off on this one! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Intensely funny piece!

  24. too good…great analysis…

  25. hilarious…add one more to that..
    This is different from Ranbir in Bachna E haseeno, where he sets out to forge his own path, makes mistakes and discovers true love in the end, and that time it was Deepika padukone as well

  26. loved the style of writing…specially the dal chawal analogy.. Great analysis!

  27. Haters’ gonna hate.
    I’m glad people like you make only .01% of the audience. Not to miss the same people who find this post funny are the ones who go and watch such movies. Ah, well, continue wasting your time by writing such posts. Nobody cares ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah, nobody cares enough to leave comments on things that nobody cares about.

    • Aww Pallavi’s dream huzbaand Ranbir is the best

    • I Agree, although i dnt mind a lil humor…. you post is entertaining… but not all jokes r based on reality… so yea… funny article… but then again… (not a ranbir fan) The movie was very good… YJHD… had characters tht u could in some parts relate to… its a movie… cnt b life like…… it was still close to real life characters… as much as any entertaining movie can be… masala nahi hoga.. thora over do nahi karenge to no1 will call it a commercial film….

      But cnt deny d use of humor was entertaining…

      • Movie was very good? How? Do you mean the superb acting or the great story line? Maybe it was the songs and the cool designer wear that made the movie good!

      • are you allergic to vowels?

      • Oh look… i use 3 dots… between my sentence… that’s… how… i… write… comments…

    • Hi. You seem to have cared. I lyk caring peepulzzz. Vl u mak fraanship wid me?

  28. The second paragraph says: YJHD is the story of Kabir aka Bunny, who sets out to forge his own path, makes mistakes and discovers true love in the end. This is different from Ranbir in Wake Up Sid, where he sets out to forge his own path, makes mistakes and discovers true love in the end.
    If one reads that again – don’t you think they are the same there ? The comparison reads out to be the same, i.e. there is a guy who forges his own path, makes his mistakes(whilst they are debatable)and finds love in the end in both the films.

  29. If you look closely during Climax, of Yeh Jawaani, the camera shifts from Ranbir Deepika to just Ranbir,he has a smirk on the face,which indicates he may be not sincere about his promise to stay forever with her.

  30. So for me, the most incomprehensible parts of the film were:

    a. When Deepika doesn’t lose a leg or two to frostbite in the Manali miniskirt.

    b. When Deepika doesn’t get raped despite wearing a hanky-sorry-blouse in Jaipur.

  31. Please watch Now You See Me.

  32. lolll..couldnt agree moreeeeeeee…i watched it last night,,went all the way to Kuala Lumpur to watch it..expected it to be as good as DDLJ and DCH, but alas, found it the least interesting movie of Ranbir’s career so far..even Bachna Aey Haseeno was better..

  33. “Facepalm – Season II” for Mr. Utsav-Really-Very-Jr

  34. hahaha! Just donโ€™t sleep with strangers. Thatโ€™s what arranged marriages are for.

  35. awesome writeup man keep it up chers

  36. Bowing down! ๐Ÿ™‚ all i wanted to say has been said, dal chawal, aranged marriage, Fakhri! Sorry, pls don’t include Utsav jr’s comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. True essence of Indian Cinema and the youth ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Sooper!! Dal chawal!! Fakhri, and the Sleeping with the Stranger!! Marvelous!

  39. I have read 2 of your posts over an extended period of time and shall now start following this blog. superlative!

  40. Brilliantly explained synopsis ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Being the other kind of gullible audience, I yet appreciate the truth that drives-all-romance – out – of – the – window… And am currently in the throes of that painfully enjoyable task that thus generation called ROFL ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great writing!! Greater thinking!!!!

  41. Pile No. 1 HA HA HA HA *bangs table with fist*

  42. Just in case we forgot…its a ” fools paradise” if we start comparing commercial cinema with that of real life picks. You might’ve taken this blog to endless details comprising of endless scenes of endless movies but the bottom line thing remains is…Movies are always larger than life in which even a Senior Citizen like looking Aamir Khan can play the role of a B.Tech Student ( Three Idiots) and yet so make the movie super duper successful. God forbid the movie makers should have gone through your blog first and seeing the hype you got in your 33 comments that might not have done even a fraction of the business their movies did. Growing up is mandatory. If you have the art of creative writing, give it a better direction. Might work !!

  43. Another enlightening “review” from a pseudo intellectual badass. I do not get you people. You spend three hours of your life watching a movie, very intently too, and then rip it apart because it did not satisfy your “intellectual cravings” or provoke your thoughts enough. Hey man, if a movie entertains and earns the team shitloads of cash, it is a winner because that is what the team set out to do. You aren’t going to order daal chawal at a restaurant and then complain about your sweet cravings not being satisfied. Similarly, do not walk into a light entertainer expecting to come out with some ground-breaking, life-changing viewpoints about how to live your life better. Funnily enough all the movies you mentioned in your “review” bombed the box office. Why? Because India has billions of average wage movie goers and not enough people like you. When the autowallah decides to take his wife for a movie after a day’s worth of hard work, he wants to just have a laugh and enjoy himself for a few hours. He is not sitting there analysing every dialogue and thinking over the implications. You may be surprised to find out but not all movies are targeted at “youth icons” like yourself. What is the freaking point when even if a director attempts to make one targeted at us specifically, like Lakshya, some bored cynic will end up targeting Hrithik’s face because like a high school bully, he has to have a go at something, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant. Also, please remember one thing and tell your other pseudo nerds as well because I am sick of reading reviews from them – Bollywood is not meant to be realistic cinema. We have singing and dancing and women wearing saris in the snow because that’s how Bollywood has always been – larger than life, unrealistic, escapist – whatever you want to call it. So next time you sit on your Macbook (wait too mainstream for you right) and diss a mainstream movie for simply being too mainstream, understand Bollywood, the mentality of the billions of people that watch it and the aim of the team making it a little better.

    • i totally second you on that. but infact it seems at least the movie maker guys invested something in order to fetch some return, these guys just got an office owned lappy wherein without differentiating their intellcutal or bile juices simply pour out their quirky humor out n out. how many in totality have changed their minds not to go n watch such movies anymore after reading this immensely self satisfying blog.. i wonder if even one is there. Stop being a scavenger to survive on someone’s leftovers buddy and create something of your own. It helps.

    • Love your comment!!!!!

    • Thank you.

    • Humour. 

      You missed the point.

    • quite on mark!

    • Hahhahahaha. Why don’t you take some education?
      Mahesh tutorials is right down the alley…
      And whats your problem with some intelligent people writing blogs. Why do you want to take the whole world down the drain?

    • Sonali: are you Arnab Goswami trolling this blog?

    • ThouShaltResentMe

      Well, for one thing, we do not order daal-chawal at a restaurant and crib about unsatisfied sweet cravings, in the case of bollywood, we get to know its daal chawal only after we’ve paid the bill and have been served. Obviously the films being made are made with an intention to rule the box-office but do consider the impact of unrealistic and chauvinistic portrayal of motley characters on a society like India, where educated politicians are a rarity. No wonder, we prefer the escapist, chaplinesque Bollywood dream instead of being whacked on the face by mainstream,consumerist order of this nation. No doubt the autowallahs and coolies get their share of realism everyday but lending them sincere, honest and intellectual perspective would cause no harm to the society. Call me a pseudo-nerd for sucking up to this post and for panning YJHD and such other films but I do believe Bollywood can do much better.Writers and directors spend more time on romance, than on social issues and then come back and crib about the way the country is. They must realise that they can serve as the people’s eyes and ears instead of their fantasies. Bollywood is only taking a turn for the worse. Take films like Rang de Basanti and Gangs of Wasseypur and to think we might be wasting precious mind-changing talent on adolescent fantasies, Bollywood shouldn’t be your average larger than life, item song extravaganza. The critic who understands the mentality of billions of people cannot write a proper review, instead only a critic who understands that a film can change the mentality of a billion people can dish out the best review.

  44. Deepa Adhikari

    There is a but…
    Splendidly written, you piece. No doubt. Except you too fell for the stereotype, sacrificing true analysis at the alter of “I have to be humorous”. However, you wrote so well, I laughed. So though I feel you did not do justice, this time I take your form over their ‘content’.

  45. The dal-chawal analogy was hilarious! N hope original too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Coz ur opening argument ain’t original bro! Just like the movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. This is in the league of aisha, student of the year, wake up kinda movies.
    Also yes i’d like to mention KJo failed attempt to emulate Anurag Kashyap in Bombay Talkies, where the kid from the chawl wears an Abercrombiesque t shirt. I loved your article ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. best one till now!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Blue and green polo sport condom!! *Oh no* Dabang style!! Kafi topic se deviate huye hain hum… But whattey-good-laugh!! Good job Ashish.

  49. i like the way it is written … yes there is some peice of D’OH in every film but cmon we love to see him dance to batameez dil and then ask deepika ki bacche toh vaise bhi ban jayenge … it may be cliche but i loved it

  50. Still better than kannada movies…

  51. ssuperb man…i liked the sudden grammar plunge before orkut roxx…haha

  52. So good to hear some sensible nonsense! Thanks a lot!

  53. I loffed more at the above comment than i did after reading the article.

  54. Shobhit Chaurasia

    Thank you very much man, EXACTLY my views and opinions about Bollywood movies. I swear EXACTLY. Now I can show this awesome article to some of my friends who feel that the conceptually brilliant movies like The Terminal, The Batman series, The Prestige, Shutter Island etc. may be mind-boggling but these “light closer-to-real-life” love stories are realistic. To such views I simply beg my pardon, excuse myself and fell like watching those conceptually brilliant movies once again would be a better utilisation of time than arguing with them about such “high-grossing” Bollywood movies.

    P.S. While watching YJHD in theatre lately, I thoroughly enjoyed the 15-20 mins interval (the only enjoyable part of the movie, bytheway) in which trailers of comically pathetic movies like Policegiri and even more hilarious Vicco Turmeric advertisements were shown.

  55. awesome piece of writing..:D.

  56. superb awesome..too good. too bad there only a few of you in India..

  57. ROFL! Loved it!

  58. LOL!!! This paragraph takes the cake.
    >This isnโ€™t to say that YJHD is a terrible film. Itโ€™s not. Itโ€™s basic โ€œdal-chawalโ€, except itโ€™s being described in the way five-star hotels do it, i.e. โ€œSteamed fine long grain white rice hand-picked in the emerald green lap of the Vindhyas, accompanied by a golden lentil soup that was gently simmered over the smouldering kisses of angels.โ€

  59. Dude … awesome piss (there was some when I reading this) .. was lmao (!!!!)

  60. HEy Ashish u seem to be the right raw material for the next karan Johar movie. The cynical and the realist falls hopelessly in love ……..and then 10 years later revisits this post and rediscovers self here. There i go….I could just about make a story right now

  61. I think the movie dealt with the conflicting dreams bit. When he tells deepika he loves her, she does bring up his dreams of traveling and he goes away to think about the consequences. Firstly, Ranbir says at the end that his dreams now include them traveling together, instead of him alone. Cancelling his trip to Paris just means he wont be moving there. He can still travel. Secondly, the scene in the airport when he sees his old self sitting across from him is also significant. To me it seemed like in spite of all the years, he felt he was back exactly where he was 8 years ago, wanting to travel and see places, not realizing what he was loosing(previous scenes with him and deepika during their day out during the wedding). And then he goes back to his old house because he still hasn’t forgiven himself for not being there when his dad died and his last rites were done.

    I’m not saying the movie was something completely new or different. How and why they fall in love with each other is not depicted well. But I really thought the airport scene was brilliant. And I was convinced about him changing his mind and didn’t think the whole resenting each other bit etc etc would come up later on. AND he does mention that they would travel together, so that part of his dream isn’t dead.

    I loved the rest of the post though, especially the bits about DDLJ

  62. Jasvinder Kalra

    Love the bit about daal chawal!!!

  63. Finally I get to read a good review. But hey, deepika was hot.

  64. Utsav Jr. – you must be trolling?!

    Ashish –
    David Dhawan dropped a giant, steaming Pile No.1 on Chashme Buddoor.

  65. Priyanka Chakrabarty

    These have been my thoughts about bollywood for the longest time. However I was unable to articulate it. Your article is easy extremely well written specially the food description in a five star hotel part. I would love to read your thoughts on various other topics.

  66. it is such a relief to know that there are people who din quite like YJHD..
    love the way you have put across your thoughts its truly incredible. Your views are pretty impressive!!

  67. Dipti Narayan

    It’s an awesome piece you wrote….i’m in love with your writing now. too good

  68. lol….someone get a sarcasm sign for poor Utsav Jr…brilliant post Ashish

  69. this was awesome.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i also blogged on the movie here: reviewism.blogspot.com
    Although i didnt hate it as much as you did. but the unconvincing change in the protagonists’ characters was just incredulous! Silly, actually.

  70. Thankyou!!! I felt the exact way and am glad im not alone in thinking so:)

  71. Just wanted to say I’m with you in Polo Sport, sitting there, silently judging. Loved your writing.

  72. High five for “Dil Chahta Hai” and “Lakshya” mentions ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Err utsav ever heard of the word satire?

  74. Sachin Akhoury

    Wow! you spend a lot of time watching things you hate. Anyhoo, as long as you are raising there’s always enough audience out there to call it.

  75. Even during YJHD, when the rest of the theatre was ooh-ing and aah-ing over Ranbirโ€™s decision to put the brakes on his dream to marry Deepika, people like me were thinking, โ€œOK, so theyโ€™re happy now, but soon enough, heโ€™ll start resenting her. Heโ€™ll feel stifled, theyโ€™ll grow distant, one or both of them will have affairs and then end up battling each other over curtains and shared lip gloss.โ€

    Lol..i actually felt the same…and was instantly hated by my office colleagues!!

  76. Brilliant laugh! The daal chaawal example reminded me of another description that had me in splits. A aloo tikki being named ‘Naked Samosa’!!! I just forgave the writer coz he was a Brit, not desi Indian!

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  78. and I thought I was the only one who counted DCH and Lakshya as all time favorites ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. @utsav jr – You are the real find of the article, really impressive. Are you an MBA by any chance!

  80. Lol…comments are even more hilarious…

  81. Great stuff as always, thanks for making the review more entertaining than the movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. I guess every generation needs its dose of brainless romance. DDLJ was our pre-teenage overdose and DCH came when most of my generation now-mid-to-late-20-year-olds are was in peak teenage. For the current crop of teenagers, maybe this might be their DCH!
    Can’t help agreeing with you on the resentment bit. Those were my thoughts when the movie ended.

  83. And the moral of the story is………:)

  84. You sir, are a fucking legend. Thank you for this article. It might just be a slap on the face of a large portion of our society who lack common sense and logic.

  85. LOL. I loved this. Thank you for making my day!

  86. Awesome post. Every line a quotable quote. Haven’t enjoyed a movie review like this since Vigil Idiot’s review of Himmatwala. The card carrying members of The Gentlemanโ€™s Society For Appreciation of Slow-Mo Champagne Spray On Deepika thank you for the plug.

  87. I’m in splits … well written

  88. “…..whose characters exist in easily marketable groups and talk in the most badly grammar you will finding anywhere Orkut roxxx.” I could have hugged you when i read this.

  89. Amazing perception…Loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. If taking a dig at famous and successful people is humour for you …then yes its humorous. Moreover you were also a contributor to the 100+ crore bucks that YJHD earned (or did you just download some pirated stuff from the net?). Suggestion from a reader: Try making people laugh without using the crutches of BIG NAMES!

  91. //Okay, go. Just donโ€™t sleep with strangers. Thatโ€™s what arranged marriages are for.// – HA HA HA HA HA HHA *Laughing uncontrollably*

  92. It seems like a lot of personal angst got into making this a masterpiece ๐Ÿ˜€

  93. though i love bashing YJHD you are no less moron

  94. hilarious man !!! cant remember the last time i laughed so much reading something !!! caustic is the word i guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. really fun ๐Ÿ™‚ good jokes with truth all over the place

  96. “we are the ones in polo sport”.. categorically stupid.

  97. hey i absolutely agree to you & share the same opinion about the movies. Also when people are laughing & when they are about to break the chair of theatre I wondered what was so funny ๐Ÿ˜› anyways apart from this the nfunny part of bollywood when all the action heroes forget that Newton did exist in this world. If he see’s these bollywood masala in his grave then for sure he would be wondering does gravity exists? ๐Ÿ˜› lol

  98. And how I agree with Sonali :’pseudo intellectual badass’… You guys just seem too bored with yourselves and your life, cause the only way your wit or pseudo intellect is at its best is when you are critiquing someone or someone’s hard work. And I agree with everything Sonali has written – its appalling how people like you who have no insight into the domain of acting, direction go ahead and critic and that too just for the sake of it. Cause if you indeed did understand ‘what and why’ of Bollywood movies, you in all probability would set your expectations accordingly. Actually on second thoughts, even when movies are made portraying realistic cinema, you pseudo nerds will be cynic there too. The question here is are you just a cynic who can’t enjoy anything in his life and therefore the desperate attempt to diss it all. Also, please remember one thing and tell your other pseudo nerds as well โ€“ Bollywood is not meant to be realistic cinema, its pure entertainments for the billions of people that watch it. So next time you decide to pen down your thoughts and make them public- understand Bollywood.

  99. hahahahahah spot on! I mean I do absolutelyyyy loveeee my bollywood but am happy to call the dramatic spade a dramatic spade!

  100. Read the first paragraph, Grabs popcorn and continues to read.
    HANK THE HEAVENS, a legend!

  101. Bijish Perumpully

    “blue-green Polo Sport condom” really cracked me up ….

  102. this is hilarious! !

  103. Found your article extremely funny and very much articulate! Kinda reminded me like how Chandler would talk! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Among your examples of movies, I would’ve preferred if you had given 3 Idiots as an example than Dil Chahta Hai because in the latter case they are college graduates! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Personally, I did not like Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots because of his over-acting and his struggle to play a college student when he was, in reality, around 44 years old! Only Sharman Joshi seemed convincing enough that he was a college student! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mate please do not compare this writer to a genuinely funny person like Chandler Bing.

      • Oh and I am sorry. I forgot actors had to actually be the same age as the character they are playing. Because that would require real skill and acting.

      • You are embarrassing yourself with each comment. Please continue. This is most amusing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So someone leaves a comment that you may disagree with and you thrash them for embarrassing themselves? Seriously dude, get over yourself.

      • Buy a dictionary please. Thrash and trash are two different words with two different meanings. I am not referring to garbage here. Looks like I’m not the one embarrassing myself here.

      • Trash, as in a put-down, as in ‘Something you traded in for the ability to miss the point completely’. (One does not “thrash” someone for a comment. One is not violent like that. One trashes a comment. In this case, your comments did the job themselves. I merely pointed it out. Good day.)

  104. hahahaha Superb…I hate Bollywood, “Its a one time watch yaar” movies starring all yesteryear star’s kids and nephews/nieces except maybe Hritik in some films.
    My dog gives more expressions than Ranbir and Deepika is like the barbie kept in my sister’s closet, only changing dresses (going form mini to micro to see through) without battling an eyelid.
    Whoa……….I am in another corner of the theatre (and I do not watch movies which have star kids by paying a theatre, these kids cannot even play zombies as zombies express!)

  105. Could you add a like button to the comments? This way I can rate down comments which are written by intellectually challenged commentators!

  106. Hats off, u did it again! This one ‘roxxx’!

  107. “Mogambo melt hua”?
    Although i belong to the sadomasochistic class of poeple who get the urge to see a crappy movie right when the intellectual junta trashes it, you and vigiliidiot combined have changed me mind.
    Dhanyawaad for the laughs man ๐Ÿ˜€

  108. Deepika Padukone’s pink blouse will go down in the annals of Bollywood history with the likes of Mandakini’s wet, white saree. Only, hers will be considered tasteful. You have to give this movie that.

  109. You are a genius. Made my day, that did.

  110. I am personally not much into movies hence like numerous other bench mark movies haven’t seen YJHD. But, never the less going through your blog was just hilarious! Satirical comedy at its best.. just couldn’t stop laughing my ass out here in my office cubical. Not to mention few comments were like that perfect cherry on the cake! Like many others ‘You made my day!’. Keep them coming. Cheers!

  111. awesome, specially the hrithik part. Just laughed sooo hard!

  112. bull’s eye! everything that I felt wrong with movie was mentioned…

  113. 1. You tried comparing DCH, DDLJ and Lakshya with YJHD. 2. You took offence to a few harmless critiques of this blog entry. 3. Weren’t you looking forward to the movie? Because you sound pretty disappointed with what was offered. Shyaa.

  114. that was fucking awesome..being a medicine student myself, i’m yet to find “the one”, (just like neo) who wears bra-less saris like deepika..
    utsav jr:- u got trolled bad…

  115. I strongly object to the claim that Chetan Bhagat defines the youth of India. Not on the grounds that Chetan Bhagat pretends to be something he is not solely on the basis of having written a saxxy story, but on the grounds that I have brains.

  116. This article just restored my faith in humanity! THANK YOU!

  117. Yours posts are truly entertaining and as most people put it, I enjoyed the write-up…like totally…hahaha. Mogambo melt huva…heartagms…oh boy there are many to mention. Your punch lines are amazing. Let critics do their own job…please continue to write your opinions boss!

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  119. This is the most irritating rant I have ever read. What is this person’s problem? That old actors play young roles? That they act bad? That Chetan Bhagat’s grammar is bad (I don’t think so though)? or that the stories in movies and books we read are bad?
    Someone please tell him that bollywood is not an NGO. YJHD never claimed to be a representative of the youth. Neither does Chetan Bhagat have to refine the nation’s English. What is wrong with entertainment, even if it does not make sense? Why do we have to criticize anything and everything that is popular but not into social service?
    Secondly, only 1.4% of Indians watch movies regularly. Our youth is not defined by the people who bollywood targets. Our youth is struggling outside movies and his supposedly funny blog. Who even gave him the right to voice the youth/defend the youth?

    • He portrayed what with a blank face? Shouting? Where on earth did u see him acting? He tried hard, but then acting is but a natural process…If you compare Nagris and Deepika then Ranbir is a class act, but do you ever compare yourselves the the guy who came last in school?

    • This person’s problem is the plague which as plagued India. Taking Mediocre acts as acts of brilliance. Thats his problem. And if you would have used even 101% of your not-so-intelligent sounding brain, you would not have asked this q.
      I support the blogger to voice for the youth.
      And because of people like you, we have to see movies which are incompetently made, intelligently blank, ridicule women to minis with ppl throwing champagne on them. Btw you look like the female kind. How do you justify the Deepika act? I think you should grow up and fight against women being showcased only as a sex object. Grow up to good causes and not throwing a rant against the blogger.

  120. Different take but undermining the guy’s ability as an actor to portray those characters they way he did. Even rockstar isn’t the greatest movie I’ve seen but he was inch perfect in each one of these scenes depicting the emotions with ease. Just reducing his performance to that statement is being a little too harsh and not doing justice to the guy. The overall take on YJHD is the right one and refreshingly original.

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  122. brilliant stuff!! i love the witticism! Keep it up

  123. Analysis is so hilarious… got it through a link in quora but seriously awesome!!!

  124. LoL… loved it…

  125. kept reading it out to my colleagues. awesome.

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