Do It For Science

So here’s an experiment I want to try. The next HT column is going to be a romance special, so if you’re facing any relationshippy issues, trauma and general pyaar wala grief, send me your questions and I’ll answer them for you. Being completely serious here. The best questions will make it to the paper. Will keep it anonymous if you want. Post in the comments here or drop in a mail at ashishshakya85 (at) gmail (dot) com. Because really, there’s no better person to solve your problems than a humour columnist. Go for it.


14 responses to “Do It For Science

  1. How important is it to have a relationship? What if I am completely satisfied with the life I am leading, and for the few moments when I am not, I have a friend that caters to our mutual benefits? Will you explain it to my mom, please?

  2. I have a major issue. My Bday is on valentines day, and everyone’s like “Oooh, Lucky dog and all”. The fact is I don’t have a relationship with any female. (That’s the preference) How can I fall into relationship? Am a decent guy, I don’t attend hate speeches in the name of fasting, or let my nephew tweet on my behalf on twitter, and I can even tolerate that Newshour guy who yells all the time.

  3. can a purrrson be in love with a cat, or is it just in-cat-uation?

  4. Break up ideas that can ensure she will be my wingman?

  5. My wife knows that I love her madly – so the traditional stuff to show my love is all cliched. Now, bounce some ideas off me – I’m trying for something quirky, that should irritate her for a moment and then she should go awwwwwww so cute 😀

  6. Why do young people still crave to get married? Operating word here is ‘young’

  7. Also, what is marriage in the 21st century? * please dont say – Vivek Oberoi*

  8. Hello Ashish.
    Long time reader, first time caller. Kudos on the column being made weekly, which clearly will not make you resort to any crowdsourcing gimmickry at all.

    So it’s like this: I’m about as familiar to romantic relationships as Shahid Kapoor is to a dictionary. I’d describe my love life as somewhat like Vinod Kambli’s acting career. Hardly any activity, and we can all be glad that at least no one got sued. And though my mom disagrees, I have narrowed the cause of the problem to the fact that the only person for whom I’m easy on the eyes is Stevie Wonder.

    But I try to make the most of what I have. I try to dress in clothes that play up my assets. For instance, despite my looks, deep down I’m a nice person, so I started wearing a t-shirt that said, “I’m a nice person”, but to no help.

    The chances of me getting asked out have been about as high as Martin Luther King being invited to join the KKK. And in case of all the women I mustered the courage to ask out ended up either in me throwing rice at their wedding, or in extreme cases, being son-zoned, which as I’m sure you’d agree is far worse than friend-zoned. As it is, I’m constitutionally incapable of maintaining eye contact with a woman, and thanks to my feminist friends, I now understand that approaching a strange woman in a bar or a party makes her uncomfortable, and is hence misogynistic.

    I thought I’d take recourse to the internet and meet women on sites like chatroulette, which was fine for a while, but there’s something about watching men holding their own penises over and over again that makes one think of asking you for advice. So, I guess my question is, given these shortcomings, how can I get into a relationship so I can whine about how terrible it is for your next year’s column?

  9. Anonimity requested..

    I am in a relationship with my colleague who sits right next to me. We have been seeing each other for more than two years now. About nine months ago, he got married.
    We broke off our relationship once his marriage plans came through. But soon, he started pursuing me again and now we are back to seeing each other.
    Ideally, I’d like to end this relationship now, but its near impossible while we still share the same physical space at work as well as much sexual chemistry, besides some genuine feelings of love and friendship in that mix as well. What should I do so that I have peace of mind at my work place?
    PS: I love my job. So I wont quit.

  10. I am a girl studying in the United States and have been noticing that my friends who come for their graduate school here usually end up breaking up with their partner from the Undergrad days cause of the long distance. While they are experiencing a change in the US, their ex better halves are still in India trying to figure their life out or dealing with the loss. I do realize that they can do nothing but move on but are we as a society just going to keep giving up on things that are important to us for convenience? Is that what love is about today? or are we not supposed to believe in good love anymore.. I don’t mean immortal or pure. I just mean true love one which involves making adjustments and being a good friend. Now this might apply to relationships that are not so long distance either. Do people give up when things require a little more work than usual?

  11. How do you communicate warmly with a cold communicator? Second, how do you jump start an inhibited touch me not?
    (Anonymous me please)

  12. OMG. You were born in 1985????!!!! You’re THAT old? O_O

  13. Unless if your mail ID has 85 because that’s how many girls you’ve dated so far or something…

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