Pimp it up!

You know those nagging feelings when you can’t remember whether or not you’ve done something that needs to be done, like say turn off the geyser, or lock the door, or look like an ass-clown in front of a couple of hundred people?

Well, I realised I’d never done the last bit, which is why I signed up to perform at the the Weirdass Hamateur Night at Blue Frog a couple of months ago. 15 amateur comics, 2 minutes each. This is what happened:

CAUTION: Liberal sprinkling of cuss words. NSFW.

Thankfully, no one asked for a refund.

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, some people thought it would be a good idea to give me a regular column in the Hindustan Times. The following links will tell you what I’ve been doing with it:

RE-PIMPAGE: Here is the link to my first HT article, about how I was humiliated by a townie, and why Andheri sucks.

This next one’s about baby-sitting a white female tourist in Bombay. Or as a friend put it, ‘Walking your foreigner.

In the third one, I take on the Mumbaikar vs. North Indian issue. However, my take is nowhere as erudite or classy as Deshdrohi.

Next, I pay a heartfelt tribute to Mumbai’s shady bars, where the kids of today are turning into the alcoholics of tomorrow.

Finally, in this last piece I talk about being nose-raped by a virus.

Alright, that’s enough attention-whoring for now.

Over and out.

5 thoughts on “Pimp it up!

  1. since you have claimed to have a freakishly long memory, lets see if you remember this one rather fat wannabe engineer who once scrapped you on orkut and swore to god that when he worked at JAM, he too would be able to wrangle a goa issue.im rushi bhavsar, im now in my second year at UDCT mumbai, I did work at JAM with toulou and failed to land the goa story.and i swear to god i still hate every tiny little bit of you for landing a humour column at HT.now that ive given you the ego-job that you wanted. i wanted to ask you two things.a>http://istinktherforeimrushi.blogspot.com/2009/01/mr-paradigm-man.html. thats something i wrote when i was trying to think of humour writers i liked. please, if you find the time to leave your hard drive, do read it and tell me what you think. 2> i need a sadist judge, who has a sense of humour, and/or someone who just likes to literally fuck with people on stage to judge a personality contest in my collegefest.please, oh please. do condescend. atleast to reply

  2. Hey AshishU look like a forty year old frustrated photographer who is fucking hard but unable to earn a single pai. u know, u people from western india are loosing u r territory from north indians especially from delhites.Except Kirloskar Bros. i have never came across or heard about any Maharashtrian making it big.U r fucking Politicians are chutias and u all will serve as a servant forever.All u r fucking words is just frustration and nothing to laugh.Yes,i am seeing future of u people,lots of ramu kaka and gangubai are serving in all over north india.

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